TMT Group

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Group

Group members

  • Daniel Eischen (Chair)
  • Joanna Denton
  • Andy Adams
  • Steve Glangé
  • Mark Simpson
  • Damien Pochon
  • Nico Binsfeld

Objectives of the Group
Facilitate, debate and influence key business issues in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries within their relevance to the BCC’s community. This is achieved through the organization of events to debate these issues and facilitate networking opportunities within the community, and engagement with the community prior to and following such events. These events take the form of evening forums, featuring expert speakers and a panel, or lunches featuring a single speaker. The group also, either through these events, or via connections to industry associations and government, seeks to raise awareness and, where appropriate, influence Luxembourg legislators as to the issues of concern to the BCC membership. The group also acts on behalf of the BCC as a monitor of and point of contact within the TMT sector.

Due to the nature of the dynamic and rapidly evolving technologies and their uses by the industry sectors included in TMT, there is an ever changing landscape of issues which business leaders are keen to understand, discuss and exploit the practical implications of. The scope of TMT group is equally dynamic and the group strives to distill and expose specific subjects of interest by bringing together domain experts, business leaders and other interested parties. TMT includes what used to be classifiable as sectors such as publishing, broadcasting and film as well as the whole range of activities enabled by digitization and the internet, such as online applications of the above, retailing, banking, gaming, cloud computing and social media, and extends to hardware such as mobile devices. In many cases it is the convergence of these sectors due to technological developments which give rise to the key issues of concern to business. The scope of the group is to focus on what is currently relevant to the BCC’s community due to its impact on business in Luxembourg.