UPCOMING TMT EVENING EVENT: May 10th, 2017 @18h00

Analogue employees – Digital Jobs: Training and career development for a lifetime of opportunity

Speakers on the panel:
  • David Holland – The Results Guy, Business Coach
  • Richard Russell – Independent Digital Innovation Consultant (ex Google and Amazon)
  • Ravi Beegun – Head of Investment Management – KPMG
  • Paul Peckels – CEO Luxemburger Wort
Interested in knowing how opinion leaders in Luxembourg see the impact of technology on jobs? Check out their answers to our survey.
By 2020, up to 60% of jobs in the management, business and financial sectors could be transformed by robotic processes.
Automation and technology have been transforming manufacturing and labour intensive sectors for some time, and now current research would seem to indicate that automation and technology are having more and more of an impact on knowledge based and professional services too.
So, if you are working in this field – what impact does that have for you?
Will automation and technology simply replace existing jobs and put us all out of work?  Or will it have a more evolutionary impact, creating new kinds of jobs as a result of the things that technology will let us do differently?  Automation is nothing new – so what can we learn from our predecessors who dealt with this challenge in the past?
  • How are companies retraining their workforce and which new skills do we need to learn?
  • How can we continue to manage our career and create our own opportunities in this ever-changing world?
Join us for the next evening Business forum hosted by the TMT group of the BCC as we will hear speakers from different sectors of industry here in Luxembourg discussing the impact technology and automation have on business, jobs and employees.