“The War for Talent: how to create dialogue between business and schools”

The British Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to attend a lunch with Members of the Chamber’s TMT Group (Technology, Media and Telecommunications), on Monday 14 March 2016 at 12.00 at Meliá Hotel, Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

In 2014, the BCC conducted a survey among major international technology companies in Luxembourg, asking for the reasons which attracted them to the country and reasons that might push them to leave after 2015. Among the main frustrations expressed by the participants was the lack of available talent in the market, both from a language and technology competence point of view. Over 2015, the TMT working group established contacts between Luxembourg businesses, the Ministry of Education, Youth organizations and the UK coding initiative “APPS for GOOD”. First pilot projects to collaborate have been initiated by the ISL, the European School and St George’s.

The TMT Group will present current initiatives, opportunities for your business to get involved and attract talent and major policies launched by the Luxembourg Government.


Apps for Good


Opportunity 2020 – The Case for a Sustainable Plan in Luxembourg

The British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg is pleased to invite you to an Evening Business Forum: “Opportunity 2020 – The case for a sustainable plan in Luxembourg” on Wednesday 26 March 2014 at 18.00 at PwC, 400 rte d’Esch, L-1014, Luxembourg.

Opportunity 2020 – The Case for a Sustainable Plan comes at a crucial time for Luxembourg.  On 2 December 2013, the new government published its coalition programme, setting out a number of objectives for the ICT industry in particular, including continued progress to make Luxembourg a “hub for Big Data and a centre for services around electronic payments”.  The EU has also placed high targets on its Member States to help it achieve its ten year growth strategy with the 2020 Digital Agenda, one of the key flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 plan.  Fulfilling both plans will require a tremendous amount of work on an ongoing basis.

The British Chamber of Commerce will address the economic future under the topic Opportunity 2020 – The Case for a Sustainable Plan for Luxembourg.  This event will look at Luxembourg’s development from many different perspectives and will be highly interactive, including short video presentations, individual roundtable discussions, excellent speakers, and a panel discussion generated by audience input.

The Programme will be as follows:

  • Joanna Denton, Director, PwC Luxembourg. Welcome and moderator.

Keynote speakers:

  • Gary Kneip, CEO, Data4 Luxembourg. A Step Ahead or Leading from Behind?  Views on what Luxembourg needs to do to ensure continued growth, and how this fits in with the Digital 2020 plan.  What is the role of the government in developing the sector?
  • Claude Lüscher, Managing Partner, Join Wireless. Start Me Up – starting up in Luxembourg in order to serve the European markets.   Why did you choose to start the business in Luxembourg? What are the particular advantages of doing so in Luxembourg?
  • Laurent Probst, Partner, PwC. Global become Local – Why businesses come to Luxembourg?

Short video presentations by:

  • Nico Binsfeld, Chairman, Fédération des Intégrateurs.  Numbers Don’t Lie, or Do They? – what do the economic statistics really say about Luxembourg?
  • Darren Robinson, Managing Director, Badenoch & Clark. Taking My Talents to Luxembourg – can Luxembourg attract the right talent?
  • Daniel Schneider, Partner, TENZING partners.  Raising cash, an overview of the situation in Luxembourg!
  • Christophe Loly, Partner, PwC.  352 Will Regulate – cutting the red tape and regulations to allow companies to succeed
  • Q & A Session

This will be a highly interactive event with the possibility to ask questions and post comments on social media from the audience during the event, with that input fuelling the Q & A session.

How can all of us in this industry work together to get there?  How can we translate these aspirations into a concrete and tangible action plan? Join us on 26 March and be prepared not only to listen but to actively participate in the discussion.

The event is generously sponsored by PwC, Luxembourg.



BCC Evening Business Forum:
‘Who do you think you are?’ Join us to find out!

Forum on how individuals and companies manage their social media profiles

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg Head Office
69 route d’Esch, L-2953 Luxembourg

  • Carlo Kissen, CEO, Quest
  • Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Digital Marketing Manager, BIL
  • Beatriz Baena Jiménez, Head of Marketing, Deloitte
  • Delphine Berlemont, Head of HR, Deloitte
  • Dan Croghan, Miami University Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg (MUDEC)
  • Daniel Eischen, CEO, Interact – Moderator

The event will cover how we as individuals and companies manage our online profiles – Linkedin, Facebook etc – both on an on-going basis and specifically when it comes to recruiting and job-seeking.

In 2013, companies are expected to use social media to recruit for over 80% of job openings.  A U.S. study talks about 89% of companies sourcing applicants online.  Behavioral analysis of generation Y underlines the fact that bi-directional recommendations between peers is becoming an increasingly important aspect of job hunting: ‘Which job would you recommend me?’

But social media as a ‘personal branding tool’ is not only relevant to young people looking for their first job; it is also extensively used by people in a job looking for a re-orientation of their career or people re-entering the employment market.  On the employer branding side, social media are also used to attract potential candidates.

Knowing that whoever engages in promotion tries to influence their target groups by depicting a specific attractive image, we can wonder how far social media profiles are true reflections of the underlying personality.  You will always try to describe ‘who you think you are’, or ‘who you would like to be’.  Both on the demand and the supply side.  So what is the true value of what is being said online and what intrinsic dynamics can be highlighted?

The event will try to put the discussion of social media use for personal and employer branding into a perspective relevant for the Luxembourg market.

  • What platforms are used to create dialogue?
  • What do people or institutions say about themselves?
  • What is the difference between personal and employer branding?
  • How far are profiles biased or influenced by promotional objectives?
  • How far can you trust what is being said?
  • Is there a way to ‘read’ social media profiles?
  • How can you manage social media data?

The programme will be as follows:

  • Carlo Kissen, CEO, Quest. Presentation of survey results
  • Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Digital Marketing Manager, BIL. How one of Luxembourg’s major banks  uses social media for branding and recruitment
  • Beatriz Baena Jiménez, Head of Marketing, Deloitte and Delphine Berlemont, Head of HR, Deloitte. Tracking social media profiles for recruitment
  • Dan Croghan, Miami University Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg (MUDEC).  Managing of social media profiles by students for job seeking and on an on-going basis
  • Panel discussion: company/ employer representatives and students/ job seekers
  • Q & A session